How to dress when bored

We are all bored when everything is a dull routine, and even a new success of Netflix does not interest us. You feel like something interesting, but you can’t imagine what it could be. In those moments, fashion can provide suggestions.

The key to fighting boredom in your closet is to go against the flow of your usual style. A minimalist who dedicated himself to the Normcore monochrome sets? Bring rainbow tones, romantic flowers, and colored blocks to your closet, even if only for a week. A maximalist who falls in love with bohemian ornaments and Victorian accents? Try to limit your wardrobe to simple things like a little black dress and white sneakers. It’s about experiences, not only with clothes but with people.

If you fear that violating your “natural style” can be confusing, remember that dressing should be an adventure! And who has not had the experience of trying something he is sure to hate and then leading to death?
Here is an introduction to two mini-tutorials, one to put together a theatrical outfit and assemble a fresh and straightforward appearance. They both turn their heads and, hopefully, they give you the surprise they need!

If your motto is “Always on the side of security,” …

It is for those whose personal style is anchored by the belief that security is better. Every morning, you wear a pretty, but unclear, solid-colored blouse, combine it with a normal-cut jean and put it on your trusted dancers. Although it is not great to go to every day, having a bit of drama in your dress routine would certainly not hurt.
Nothing screams at me as much as a red-black contrast palette that combines a gothic touch with a revolutionary spirit. I chose a large black sweater with a big ribbed turtle neck and bold split seams and combined it with a long blurred skirt with a heart print on a dyed background. Combine this pair of red patent leather ankle boots with a subtle crocodile print, a thick heel, and beaded trim on the large bows to add color. It’s subtle, but with a punk background.

Stack flashy accessories like rhinestones, funky hair clips, and brooches for your grandmother! For this outfit, I suggest you put a vintage bead brooch on your sweater: the quaint charm of the old world reminds of tea companies run by duchesses. Whether you have a small mane or a long curly mane, put it on, preferably with a large acrylic clip. Don’t leave the apartment without this burgundy crocodile handbag, adorned with a decorative zipper to give it a touch of postmodern sophistication. Atmospheric color and glamorous texture give your outfit an extra kick!

If your motto is “more is more,” …

If you are still interested in art deco patterns, neon colors, tassels, or frills (or even all four together), read on! Your closet may be crammed with color and excess. You are tired of the drama. One solution is to get Marie Kondo for her clothes and reduce her to simple underlying principles, so she feels freshly stimulated. Of course, nobody is asking you to change your gypsy skirts for custom jackets permanently, but if you eliminate your love for the “plus,” you can discover new facets of your style and personality!

The centerpiece of this outfit is a buttoned dress with an embroidery of white holes that gives the perfect note between sexy and sweet. Its classic trapeze cut to flatter your silhouette and remind you that simplicity can be impressive. Combine it with black feather slides with crossed strips for an airy atmosphere. As comfortable and elegant as they are, they add a casual touch to the feminine sophistication of their ensemble.

When wearing accessories, do not wear flashy jewelry and wear subtle but persistent pieces like this golden snake necklace that stands out from the V-neck of your dress. Finish off with dazzling wallets or textured square purses for this classic white canvas bag with an oversized pocket: the retro artwork will keep the cool hipsters under control while watching over their figure.

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