How to Style A Dress Shirt & Always Look Attractive At Work

When you start your career, you may not be able to spend thousands of dollars on a new corporate wardrobe.

 As I have mentioned in the past, coming to the office is everything.

 Take it from Business Insider. A Yale study found that well-dressed people earn three times as much money as poorly dressed people. 

 How to do as a young professional without spending a penny?

 The secret is learning to transport an item in different ways to get the most out of your wardrobe

 This article explains how you can wear one shirt in 8 different ways.

 Then you can maintain your office appearance and advance your career. Number 7 is a must!

# 1 Pair your shirt with tha a suit jacket.

Wearing a shirt under a suit is a sure look that any well-dressed gentleman can take off.

 When it comes to costumes, you need to make sure they fit perfectly, are snug and not too tight.

 You can even combine your costume with a cufflinks and cufflinks shirt.

 The cufflinks shirts are highly polished and show your colleagues how much you care about your look. 

 Since her image is a direct representation of her performance, everyone will unconsciously think how much more she needs to succeed just because of the effort she puts into her outfit.

 After all, a perfect shirt and a clean suit cannot work without a pair of modern Oxford shoes.

# 2 Pair your shirt with jeans.

For all casual Fridays in the office, wearing a shirt and jeans is the perfect way to embody the dress code of the day. Keep you from looking sloppy and unprofessional while making you feel comfortable

 Let’s clarify something. Just because an informal Friday involves a casual dress code doesn’t mean you should sweat.

 Every noble knight knows that he presents his best effort to the world. You can do this using this professional, casual style.

 A good pair of clean sneakers are suitable for shoes for this occasion.

# 3 Pair your shirt with the crewneck sweater.

If you work in a more comfortable environment, casual business attire is the best option.

 A stylish gentleman can wear a shirt under a crew neck sweater for an elegant look.

 You can wear this jumpsuit with jeans, chinos or clean pants. It depends on the standards of your office dress code.

 Jeans are best for a casual office setting and pants or chinos for a formal setting.

 A pair of moccasins or leather sneakers would also go well with this look.

 Finally, you can wear a beautiful, timeless watch and your leather bag.

# 4 Pair your shirt with trousers.

Wearing your shirt with pants is a great way to wear your costume day and night.

 When your workday is over, take off your suit jacket for a cocktail with friends after work.

 The outfit automatically relaxes for the occasion, as you are portrayed as a young professional who works hard during the day.

# 5 Pair your shirt with chinos.

As mentioned above, you can’t go wrong with a shirt and chinos.

  This should be your weekend outfit for activities like dining with friends.

  Remember that your impression as a young professional is significant.

 Even if you are not on duty on the weekends, it does not mean that you will not meet anyone who may be extremely important to your career.

 Chinos and a tuxedo shirt are a clean and safe combination you can count on over the weekend, as they are comfortable and presentable.

 Combine the look with suede loafers or Chelsea boots.

# 6 Pair your shirt with a cardigan.

When it’s cold in winter, it’s an ideal way to keep warm by putting a cardigan over your shirt.

  It is also a suitable outfit for your weekend projects or your informal office environment because the cardigan weakens the elegant look of the shirt.

  Complete your outfit with jeans and sneakers.

# 7 Pair your shirt with the bomber jacket.

Combining a bomber jacket over a shirt is a great way to “fine-tune” that look and turn it into a sprezzatura.

 Wear this outfit with black jeans and leather ankle boots.

 A tie would not be suitable for this outfit, but a beautiful chain and a bulky metal watch would go perfectly with it.

 I certainly don’t advise you to wear this look in the office, but I thought I’d include it as an option for a trip with friends.

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