Ultimate Video Games That Train Your Brain

Studies have shown that playing video games has several advantages. In addition to entertaining people, it also helps train the brain and improve social skills. Also, other research has identified the educational and therapeutic use of these video games.

People looking for challenging games have many options nowadays. There are so-called brain apps that allow players to multitask and even take control of their emotional state. They are so-called because their primary purpose is to train a person’s brain.

 In recent years, the number of brain-defying video games has increased. The Nintendo DS has pioneered the brain-age game, and higher-quality titles have been developed ever since. IOS users have many options to choose from on the App Store.

 Today there are many video games that you can find online. Whatever your goal, you can surely find one that offers you a fun and rewarding moment. Game-oriented websites and tips-sharing websites like F3Y are great online resources.


Train Your Brain

This app offers 20 addictive puzzles that will challenge your brain. The games are split into four years and have five levels of difficulty. It is like going to university and reaching the most difficult levels.


This application offers entertaining games specially designed by neuroscientists, to improve memory and concentration. Users have the chance to track their progress and review results related to their brain health.

  At first, a user receives a quiz, after which the application adjusts the game’s difficulty level to their profile. Improvements can be seen in users who play the games at least two to three times per week.


Luminosity is a popular app with three mini-games. It helps improve memory, attention, problem-solving, and thinking skills.

 By merely playing one session a day, a user can already improve their mental skills and track their progress. In addition to better memory, users can also hope to improve their mood.


Launched in 2013, this iOS app is considered one of the best brain trainers available today. The exercises are guaranteed to provide users with a fun and challenging time. With this application, you will never get bored, and the activities are always new.


This game all players to follow two animated characters with different personalities. One aspect is calm and friendly, while the other seems angry.

 Developed by Dennis and researchers at Hunter College and New York University, the game helps reduce anxiety by allowing users to focus on the positive side of things.

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