You Can Earn Money With PUBG in 6 Ways

1. Play tournaments online

You can earn money with PUBG as an individual, duo, or team by participating in online sports with cash prizes. Prizes are awarded in classification, with the main title for the last man (or woman).

If you want to go online power tournaments, you can use PUBG to earn money on open LAN nights, which can sometimes have high cash prizes. You can also register for the official PUBG Europe League or North American League tournaments. Each team can register, participate in contests, and win a share of the prize pool of € 1,000,000.

One way to earn money with PUBG is to participate in an online event or tournament.

2. Sell items in the game

If you don’t have extra time to broadcast or train for competitive events, you can still earn money playing PUBG during your free time.

When you play PUBG, you get combat points (BP). These points are the currency of the game, and you use them to buy boxes. Once purchased, you can open and maintain the content in your inventory or sell it on websites such as Skins. Cash, BitSkins, G2G, and Gameflip. If you have rare or unusual cosmetic items, you can also sell them.

3. Sell your game account

You’ve mastered the game (after more than 1000 hours), and now you’re done with the chicken dinner. Maybe you want a parachute from another plane!

So how about selling your game account with all your masks, BP, and winning the highest bidder? Although not approved, sites like PlayerAuctions and G2G can list your account and earn money.
The disadvantage of this is not an option is that it is a unique agreement. On the other hand, you can try new games or start over.

4. Bet on the tournament results

If you like the game and understand it, but you are not a great player, or if you are right, but you want a different source of income, you can always bet on it. Whether you’re with your friends or betting on professional tournaments, you can certainly earn money this way.

Websites like Sickodds convert your strategic knowledge into real money if you have the right opportunities!

5. eSports

1. Get sponsorship for Esport

eSports refers to a group of players who play as a team or independently and participate in virtual electronic games, a $ BN + industry.

To be paid at the PUBG in Esport, you must be good! And to be good, you must be dedicated and motivated, train a lot, buy the right equipment, join a community of players, find a team, and participate in tournaments. Once you have a name for yourself, you should be able to find sponsorship in the form of brand advertising or through an electronic sports franchise.

1. Brand sponsorship: Due to the influence that these teams now have, brands are interested in using esport promoting their products and content in exchange for financing. Sponsors can contribute a large portion of their income.

2. Team sponsorship: These “teams” or franchised organizations are sponsored or sponsored by independent investors and behave in the same way as traditional sports teams. The idea is to buy and sell players for participating in the best and most prominent tournaments and leagues. Since the electronic sports industry will reach $ 1.5 billion by 2020, it is not surprising that these teams pay professional players an average of approximately $ 60,000 a year, which is only part of their income.

2. Win a cash prize for e-sport as a professional player

The PUBG professional circuit in 2019 will consist of nine independent regions, each with professional skills. At the end of the season, the nine areas will be able to send their most competitive teams to the World Cup. The prize pool of the PUBG World Championship will reach $ 2 million.

6. Become a PUBG coach

Players who wish to earn more can hire a PUBG coach to help them improve their skills and receive the “chicken dinner.”

As a PUBG coach, you earn money playing PUBG by joining your team and training them while watching their backs. The goal is to improve the overall skills of the game.


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